Updated COVID-19 Message

Gerry Piro, Executive Director
Covenant House Michigan

Please listen to Gerry Piro about how Covenant House Michigan is managing through this public health crisis.

Lift Our Hearts 24/7

Please help Covenant House Michigan serve our residents during this public health crisis. 24/7 has always been our response to every young person who has faced homelessness and turned to us for help. While the pandemic forces schools, businesses, and countless social institutions across the globe to close and everyone to stay home and off the streets, it compels Covenant House Michigan, with greater urgency and determination, to remain open. Covenant House Michigan was founded for emergencies—those experienced every day by young people facing homelessness.We are making sure both our youth and staff are safe and healthy during this challenging time. A gift to this campaign will allow us to continue to serve homeless and at-risk youth. We are committed absolutely to keeping our doors open to young people who turn to us for help, who have no one else to care for them in this time of crisis and in their time of crisis. They can’t stay home because of COVID-19 if they don’t have a home. Covenant House Michigan is that home, 24/7.



Covenant House Michigan is more than a shelter. We are both a sanctuary and a support system for homeless and trafficked youth.

Covenant House Michigan is a place for young people who have nowhere to go. Kids who come to our doors have been abused and neglected, have slept on friends’ couches or in abandoned buildings. These kids have been forgotten by those who are supposed to care about them the most.

When they come through our gates, they become part of a family. Our staff, volunteers, and donors carry out our mission based on faith and the belief that all of God’s children deserve unconditional love, respect, and hope. Covenant House Michigan is committed to serving all eligible clients in adherence with the Equal Access Rule.

The Covenant House Michigan Model

Helping young people embrace the great promise of their lives, Covenant House Michigan offers a combination of support strategies, including- educational programs, job training and placement, medical services, mental health and substance abuse counseling.

Help us paint a picture of hope for our kids. 87% of every donation goes directly to programs for our kids. Please, donate now.

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