How can we end homelessness?

Our goal at Covenant House Michigan is to provide a better life for the youth who come through our doors. We not only offer food and shelter, we offer a package for independence and overall success. Whether they are brought here by our Outreach Team or walk through our doors, every child is embraced with open arms. Each young person is unique and needs individualized attention and treatment. Some may need to finish high school or obtain their GED. Some have never been employed and need to develop job skills. Some have never been taught basic living skills.

We have made a covenant with our kids to help them better themselves. And in turn they too have made a covenant with us to succeed. Covenant House Michigan’s Programs offer assistance and hope for a better future.


CHM’s Outreach Team patrols the streets of Metro Detroit daily. They find youth living in abandoned houses, cars and on street corners, among other unfit places. The Team provides these youth with prevention services, information about CHM’s residential, education and job programs, counseling, food and clean clothes.


Crisis Care


Our 45-bed shelter is a warm and welcoming space for youth aged 18 to 24. Most of our youth are fleeing from homes with abuse and neglect. Some have spent some time on the streets. When young people come to stay at our shelter, they are taking the first step towards making positive life changes.

Here, they are given not just food, a clean bed, a safe place to stay, medical and mental health services, but also the guidance and support they need to determine their own bright future. The Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Youth can stay from 1 day to 3 months.


Rights of Passage

Our two-year independent living program offers youth the chance to further their education, save up money, learn how to manage their time and finances, as well as gain addition life skills. Every resident develops a life plan that outlines their goals and leads them towards successful independent living. They are assigned a counselor and mentor and receive individual and group counseling and medical care.

Our staff members address the physical, emotional, social, mental and spiritual needs of all of the youth – and step in as role models, and many times play the role of family.

Employment Center


Our employment center prepares our young people for the world of work and independence. The staff teach job expectations, workplace ethics, communication skills and teamwork. With staff and volunteer support, our youth prepare resumes and portfolios, and participate in mock interviews. They learn about job retention and promotion.

Total Me

Our Total Me program offers youth a daily opportunity to develop themselves internally and externally in ways they might have missed growing up. Through this program, they learn various life skills including communication, proper etiquette, anger management, financial literacy, healthy eating and exercising, budget shopping, and many others. We also feel that it is very important to teach our youth to give back through volunteering.


Over 90% of youth in CHM’s residential programs are high school dropouts. We collaborated to open four charter schools in order to better serve the needs of homeless and other at-risk youth who lack a high school diploma. Located in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Covenant House Academy offers a specialized curriculum for addressing the needs of these youth.