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Sarah, age 21, was very excited when she found out that one of our staff recommended her for a job at Penn Station Steak and Sub’s in Madison Heights. Sarah had been working as an intern, doing custodial work at Covenant House Academy’s three Detroit locations. Her excellent job skills earned her the respect of Ms. Turmon, who was glad to be able to recommend her. “I’m putting Covenant House’s reputation on the line every time I recommend someone for an outside job; they have to impress me or I can’t give them that recommendation,” she stated pointedly.

Sarah began working at Penn Station three weeks ago. So far she has learned how to work as the cashier, make the homemade fry’s, and top and wrap the subs – which is her favorite part of the job. Although humble, she admits, “I’m getting pretty fast at it.” Although she loves the job, not everything about her new employment is easy. “The hardest part of my new job is the three buses I have to take to get there.” she said.

Penn Station Steak and Sub, is relatively new in Michigan, originating on the east coast. Currently there are about ten locations, but the company is hoping to open about twelve more over time. Sarah was excited to hear that, thinking that maybe there could be a management position available for her if she works hard for it.

Sarah’s long term plans are to pursue a career in fashion design, and possibly even acting. She’s completed a year of classes at Oakland Community College, but had to put school on hold while she got her living situation straightened out. “I really want to attend London Central St. Martin’s,” a fashion design school in London, England, she stated. “They have a two year program I would love to do.”

When not at work or attending CHM programs, Sarah loves to read fashion magazines and novels in her spare time. She is currently a resident in Rights of Passage.