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Nadia is just 18 years and is new to Covenant House Michigan. When you ask about her life, she talks about being adopted from a foreign country at the age of four. “My mom and I really love each other, but I don’t feel like we bonded the way a biological family does.” She also suffers from depression and cites that as the catalyst for her journey here.

It is no wonder she suffers from depression, given everything she’s been through. Nadia talks about her adopted father, who was in and out of her life multiple times before he finally deserted her, her mom, and adopted siblings. In high school Nadia was sexually abused by a friend of a friend. “For 5 months, I held it in and tried to act normal. I didn’t want anyone to know. When I finally told my mom, she knew something was wrong but hadn‘t been able to figure out what happened because I was trying so hard to act normal.” Later, she was sexually assaulted by a boyfriend of hers, but this time she reported it right away.

All this contributed toward Nadia’s depression and made it worse. “I was finally admitted to the hospital when things got really bad. I was in there for a while.” In the midst of all this, Nadia admits that she got involved with sexting. Through the intervention of a concerned adult, Child Protective Services found out and pulled her from her home for the protection of her younger siblings.

“After a second visit to the hospital, I was discharged but couldn’t go home, so I ended up at a warming station, which is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. I was so scared.” When Nadia learned about Covenant House Michigan, she quickly moved in and is now learning to put the pieces of her life back together.

Nadia is currently attending Covenant House Academy to make up the time she missed while hospitalized. She is also learning to regulate her depression medication and is starting to realize how she can make a better life for herself.