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Hello, my name is Kira and I live at Covenant House Michigan, a homeless shelter. I ended up in a shelter because instead of focusing on myself, I focused on a guy. This guy abused and used me in every way possible. I was sexually, mentally and physically abused. Instead of listening to my family, I shut them out and continued my relationship.

It seemed like he came home every night just to abuse me. I didn’t believe I was strong enough, I didn’t believe I had the courage to leave. Day in and day out, I began to get weak, not realizing that stress was taking advantage of me. I wasn’t aware of how much that life was affecting me physically.

On August 1st of 2014, at 3:00 in the morning, I went into an asthma attack. Without knowing for sure how bad it was, I called the EMS and was admitted to St. John’s hospital. I was kept there for four days. Not only did I have a very bad asthma attack, but my heart rate was up to 150 and it took a few days for it to come down.

When all this happened, the guy, who I thought loved me, didn’t even come to see me in the hospital. Right there, at that moment, I decided to leave him once I got out of the hospital. I did just that, but ended up in the same situation with another guy who I thought was my friend. I thought he wanted to help me, but he didn’t.

Because I shut out my family, I felt that staying with that friend was my only option. It took a few months to find a place to go, but once I found Covenant House, I left without taking a second look. I went there not knowing what to expect.

I have been at Covenant House for over a month and I’m a much better person. I found myself here. I learned how to put myself first and am going to make sure I never end up in a place like that ever again. Covenant House is a safe place to be, but it is still a shelter and I miss having a home. I hope that I can get on my feet soon, get a job and my own place. My long-term dream is to own a daycare. I want to take early childhood classes and get my associate’s degree.

I hope my story helps others who read this, to really think about your life decisions, about the good or bad choices you can make, and how it can affect the future. You should take care of yourself first and never let anyone or anything bring you down. Go for what makes you happy and most of all, give yourself to God and always follow in his footsteps and you will see just how good HE CAN BE!