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Kathryn, 18, joined Covenant House in need of shelter, help with getting a job and structure in her life. Separated from her mom at age 11, when parental rights were lost, she grew up with her dad who mentally and emotionally scarred her. A family from her church took her in when she became homeless at age 17, which separated her and her younger brother. Kathryn recalls being like a tomboy, having grown up with a rough brother.

Kathryn heard about Covenant House from her pastor at Hope Community Church in Grosse Pointe. Covenant House provides a different life for her, because she’s never had girls that she can talk to before. “People always judged me for being different, tall and pretty. Girls always gave me dirty looks.” Kathryn says, “The staff are really nice and here to help.”

Her plan is to study welding at MCTI in Kalamazoo. Her faith gives her hope, although sometimes she questions it. Kathryn plays the clarinet, likes biking and often sings, hums or whistles. Her favorite past time, “I love to climb trees.”