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Demi has a long story, one that starts and ends in Detroit, with a myriad of twists and turns in between.

She started out living in Detroit with her dad but her anger and rebellious attitude in high school led her into trouble. At one point in her life she had cared, but things piled on and eventually it seemed like she no longer cared about anything. Only the anger was left.

Demi took off for Virginia to get away and try to get her life in order, not even telling her dad where she was going. While she was there she found the motivation to get a GED but still wasn’t able to make much progress. Eventually she returned to Detroit, GED in hand, but still without a lot of direction.

Her trip back to Detroit led her to CHM where her eyes were finally opened to the fact that her anger issues were holding her back. Through counseling, Total Me sessions, and interactions with the staff, she has learned how to work on those issues and move forward with her life.

As Demi re-finds that hidden part of herself, she is starting to build a new life. She recently obtained employment at Kroger where she works part-time. She is also preparing to start training at Jimmy John’s where a former CHM resident will be her new manager.  When the manager heard she was there to inquire about a job, he immediately vouched for her work ethic. He made this judgment based on his observations of her during his previous stay at CHM.

Demi’s future goals also include enrolling in community college to study computer information science.

Please keep Demi and all of our kids in your prayers as they make this difficult transition into adulthood.