webmaster Shelter

A few years ago, DeAndre’s mother got behind on the bills. She had a decent job, but sometimes life catches up with people and times get tough. This was one of those seasons for their family and the hardship caused them to lose their condo. DeAndre’s mother was forced to move in with a cousin while DeAndre went to live with an uncle on his father’s side of the family.

DeAndre’s father was back in prison at the time, a great disappointment for DeAndre. “My dad was trying to get the family together again, but now he’s back in jail. I want to see him again at some point, but right now, I’m just disappointed in him.”

At his uncle’s house, things weren’t too good. At one point, his uncle told DeAndre to go stay at an overnight shelter. When DeAndre tried to go back to get his work clothes, his uncle wouldn’t let him in. Between the situation with his uncle, and the shelter’s requirement that he be in at an early hour every night, he lost his job.

DeAndre said “I was getting so desperate that I started thinking about selling drugs.”  Then he talked to his mom.  She still wasn’t in a position to help him, but looked up Covenant House and suggested he give it a try.

Thankfully, when he called, there was an open bed. His mom dropped him off later that day and DeAndre finally found some peace of mind. “Here, nobody tries to steal my stuff. At the other shelter I was afraid of this one guy who kept trying to steal my clothes. The environment is much better here and the people are all my age.”