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Courtney, 22 found Covenant House Michigan after her third time being homeless since her mother passed at age 12. The family’s home in Detroit went into foreclosure and they ended up living in a house with no lights and no heat. The only time Courtney was able to eat was at school. They lived from house to house for a while. Eventually she finished high school and enrolled in Wayne State University where she got an apartment. After becoming homeless again because she could no longer afford her WSU apartment and had to drop out, Courtney found CHM through our website and has been here for over six months.

“It’s a nice place to stay and get back on your feet. You have a huge opportunity if you don’t have a stable home or parents to take care of you. You learn how to grow up; you learn how to never be in the situation again. It’s almost like staying at your parents, you don’t have to pay for rent or anything,” said Courtney.

Courtney’s goal is to become a doctor, which she plans to do after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. She enjoys medicine and education but she has other interests such as law (which came about on her Policy Debate Team in high school), music and leadership. Courtney is multi-talented, she plays five instruments and has been part of the Urban Stringz Youth Ensemble. She was also involved in the Michigan Youth Leadership Academy.

A personal goal which Courtney accomplished since coming to CHM, was to finish her phlebotomist certification program. Ms. Gray, the CHM social worker was a huge factor in helping her complete the program. In Courtney’s words, Ms. Gray, “really wants to help kids.” After completing the program, Courtney got a job working as a phlebotomist and plans to continue working as she pursues her studies to become a doctor.

One of the things at CHM that has helped Courtney is being able to talk with so many girls who have been sexually assaulted or who have gone through foster care. She wants to help others who, like herself, have gone through difficult situations. “It helps me to be more understanding. I want to be able to give to them the most because I lost my mother and have been homeless,” says Courtney.