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Prior to coming to Covenant House, Ashley, who is 21, lived a life of twists and turns. When Ashley and her siblings were small, their mother was too caught up in her own life and wasn’t there for them. Ashley ended up in foster care and was there until age eight when her grandma came and took her home.

At age 13, her father, who had been incarcerated, returned home and came looking for his kids. Ashley lived with him until she was 17, at which point her father went back to prison. Around the same time Ashley’s mom was turning a new leaf and trying to rebuild her relationship with her children. Ashley was excited about getting to know her mom, and tried living with her for a while, but things with her mom’s fiancée’s children were tense and she realized that building a relationship might be better long-distance. Luckily, one of her relatives heard about Ashley’s situation and mentioned his own positive experience at Covenant House, encouraging her to check it out.

When she came to CHM Ashley said, “I felt like my life was running from one bad situation to another. I want to put the past behind me now and just move forward.” Ashley is glad to have found Covenant House when she did. In addition to having a safe place to live, she is glad she doesn’t have to worry about tension at home while she pursues her studies.

A student at Wayne County Community College, Ashley is studying business administration. She is still unsure of the type of business she wants to work for, but is very interested in the entertainment industry.