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Aaron has a lot of dreams and is looking at Covenant House as a way to the future. Although Aaron, age 19, has a mom who is very involved in his life, they ran into a rough spot earlier this year and lost their apartment. His mom saw it coming and tried to prepare him by gently mentioning Covenant House. She knew they would both be forced to find a place to live if things got much worse, and they did.

Luckily Aaron’s mom made enough of an impression on him that he was willing to look us up. When his mom first told him about the resources here, he remembers saying, “No, there is no such thing!” As he put it, “It sounded like something that wouldn’t exist in one place. With all those resources it sounded more like a youth program than a homeless shelter to me.”

At any rate, when the inevitable happened, Aaron found our number and spoke with a member of the Outreach Team who told him how to get here. He remembers thinking as he drove up, “I’m in the middle of nowhere.” His first impressions were good though, “The staff was respectful, well mannered.” He recounted, “I remember them warning me not to get too comfortable though, that I should keep moving forward.”

When he arrived, Aaron had two clear goals in mind: finish his high school diploma and get himself into college. After enrolling at Covenant House Academy, he was happy to find out that he needed only 2 courses to complete his high school diploma which he will complete well before the June graduation deadline.

He is really pleased with his personal progress and can’t wait to have his diploma in hand so he can sign up for college courses. He is pumped about applying for college and plans to apply to Henry Ford and study Nursing. He has had some exposure to anatomy in the past and finds the study of the human body fascinating.

As he talks about his future, Aaron likes to name bones of the body to illustrate his interest in studying Nursing. He also mentions his gratitude to his mom for her encouragement, “When I was younger she always told me to read. I’m really glad she did.” He knows those reading skills will serve him well as he works toward a college degree.

As Aaron wraps up the current chapter of his life, he is also working in our intern program. As he works with the other interns cleaning the Covenant House Academy facilities, he will be able to save up some money to invest in books and school supplies when he starts college.

Aaron is so grateful that a place like Covenant House exists. He is grateful for those who support and make the work we do possible. For him, this isn’t just a homeless shelter, it is a place of hope, education, employment, and second chances.