Lift Our Hearts 24/7

Please help Covenant House Michigan serve our residents during this public health crisis. 24/7 has always been our response to every young person who has faced homelessness and turned to us for help. While the pandemic forces schools, businesses, and countless social institutions across the globe to close and everyone to stay home and off the streets, it compels Covenant House Michigan, with greater urgency and determination, to remain open. Covenant House Michigan was founded for emergencies—those experienced every day by young people facing homelessness.We are making sure both our youth and staff are safe and healthy during this challenging time. A gift to this campaign will allow us to continue to serve homeless and at-risk youth.  We are committed absolutely to keeping our doors open to young people who turn to us for help, who have no one else to care for them in this time of crisis and in their time of crisis. They can’t stay home because of COVID-19 if they don’t have a home. Covenant House Michigan is that home, 24/7.


Our Covenant House staff are on the front lines keeping our young people safe during this unprecedented crisis.  We need to keep staff healthy so they can continue their quietly heroic work with our kids.  A $50 gift now will provide two boxes of masks or gloves for our teams working with sick/symptomatic youth.


We provide three meals a day, seven days a week for all 80 residents at both shelters. A gift of $100 will provide 10 residents food for one week at the shelter. At this time of crisis, good nutrition is key to staying healthy for our youth.


At the same time that our shelters are filled to capacity during the coronavirus crisis, we need to make sure that we provide our residents with new lines, sheets, comforters, towels and a hamper. A gift of $250 will provide five youth with these necessary items to feel comfortable and safe.


All across Michigan, formerly homeless youth have worked hard work to achieve independence.  Many have now lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak.   Your $500 gift today will provide supplies to staff to help keep our youth motivated and engaged during this downtime.


Our front line staff is working 12-hour shifts, many of them six days a week, during this crisis. With a great spirit and unconditional love, they risk their own health to protect our kids and surround them with support in uncertain times.  With a $1,000 gift today, you can stand with our quiet heroes in spirit and provide one week of emergency personnel costs.


Our beds are full, but we continue to provide comprehensive services to the youth in our care. Your gift of $2,500 will support 15 of our residents with a warm bed, clean clothes, three meals a day and unconditional love for one week.


With so many more young people at Covenant House Michigan, we have been full since the COVID-19 crisis has begun. Your gift of $5,000 will allow us to continue emergency operations during this public health crisis keeping our residents safe and healthy.