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Twenty-two year old resident Raymond, is determined to buy a house. “I’d like to own a home – I’m tired of apartments – and I want to buy a car.” His social worker in the Rights of Passage program backs him up, “He’s a hard worker. He sets his sights on his goals and he is very motivated and determined,” …



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By the time she finished high school, Tiana’s family relationships were shaky so she moved in with a friend after high school. “I was babysitting her kids and trying to look for work on the side but the kids took up a lot of time.” Once she found a job, her living situation got complicated. “When I was getting ready …



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James has been at Covenant House for a couple of months and recently transferred to ROP. “It happened really quickly. I had just been saying how I needed more time as I knew my 90 days at Caritas were almost up. Then one day someone came and told me there was an open bed at ROP and that I could …



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Courtney, 22 found Covenant House Michigan after her third time being homeless since her mother passed at age 12. The family’s home in Detroit went into foreclosure and they ended up living in a house with no lights and no heat. The only time Courtney was able to eat was at school. They lived from house to house for a …



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Prior to coming to Covenant House, Ashley, who is 21, lived a life of twists and turns. When Ashley and her siblings were small, their mother was too caught up in her own life and wasn’t there for them. Ashley ended up in foster care and was there until age eight when her grandma came and took her home. At …



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Demi has a long story, one that starts and ends in Detroit, with a myriad of twists and turns in between. She started out living in Detroit with her dad but her anger and rebellious attitude in high school led her into trouble. At one point in her life she had cared, but things piled on and eventually it seemed …



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Sarah, age 21, was very excited when she found out that one of our staff recommended her for a job at Penn Station Steak and Sub’s in Madison Heights. Sarah had been working as an intern, doing custodial work at Covenant House Academy’s three Detroit locations. Her excellent job skills earned her the respect of Ms. Turmon, who was glad to …



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Cari, 20 years old, joined us in January after she lost her job and the apartment her cousin was sharing with her. Since the rest of her family lives down south, she didn’t have a backup plan. She couch surfed for a little while, and then decided to check in at COTS (Coalition On Temporary Shelter). COTS was out of beds …