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Twenty-two year old resident Raymond, is determined to buy a house. “I’d like to own a home – I’m tired of apartments – and I want to buy a car.” His social worker in the Rights of Passage program backs him up, “He’s a hard worker. He sets his sights on his goals and he is very motivated and determined,” …



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“I felt like a throw away child,” Natisha started out. Abandon by her mom at birth, her dad in prison and unaware of her existence, she began her young life in foster care. Although quite young, she can still remember the day her dad came to collect her from her foster parents; the memory of her father’s first words to …



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Ever since he can remember, Nathan’s family moved around a lot. When he was 13, they moved to Texas for his mom’s new job. In addition to his siblings, him mom’s boyfriend traveled with them, intending to join the household. This was quite an adjustment for Nathan. Since a young age, Nathan was accustomed to being independent and taking care …



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Hello, my name is Marc, and I’m 20 years old. The journey that led me to Covenant House Michigan started when I was an infant. I was adopted when I was two, but I never knew my birth family. My adopted mother was physically abusive. She was older and kind of “old school,” so I think she thought it was …



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Hello, my name is Kira and I live at Covenant House Michigan, a homeless shelter. I ended up in a shelter because instead of focusing on myself, I focused on a guy. This guy abused and used me in every way possible. I was sexually, mentally and physically abused. Instead of listening to my family, I shut them out and …



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A few years ago, DeAndre’s mother got behind on the bills. She had a decent job, but sometimes life catches up with people and times get tough. This was one of those seasons for their family and the hardship caused them to lose their condo. DeAndre’s mother was forced to move in with a cousin while DeAndre went to live …



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Kathryn, 18, joined Covenant House in need of shelter, help with getting a job and structure in her life. Separated from her mom at age 11, when parental rights were lost, she grew up with her dad who mentally and emotionally scarred her. A family from her church took her in when she became homeless at age 17, which separated …



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Curtis, age 19, grew up on the East side of Detroit. He was put in foster care as an infant and adopted around the age of five. In spite of being very young when he was in foster care, the memories are still fresh. He remembers seeing face after face and wondering who his real family was. All of the …



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Nicole spent her childhood in Detroit, living with her father after she was taken from her abusive mother as a young child. Around the age of 16, Nicole lived through that abandonment again. She was on the internet one day, surfing Facebook, where she saw a post indicating her dad had left town, abruptly moving to another state. No warning, he was …



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Chicago native Ronnie, who is now 18, was taken from his drug addicted mother at the age of five months. Given her condition at the time of his birth, Ronnie states, “It is a miracle I survived with all the stuff she was taking.” His grandma took him in, but only because the state would give her a check for …